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Some graphical problems
« on: November 29, 2010, 07:58:01 PM »
Once a bug occured when I changed the order of zones. The width of columns changed, and when I added a new zone, it was placed at the first place, not at the last. Some annoying problems you should try and test more. Row heights are also incorrect sometimes: a filegroup-zone is too thin and I can't reach the actions-setting button; and the Settings-zone's row is twice as thick as it needed to be. Furthermore, when I exported this script, the zones were written in a reversed order!

An other graphical bug: once I removed a file group in the File groups tab (it was the only group), and some parts of its row remained visible in the window. It didn't work - there was the button as well, but I couldn't click it -, just wasn't cleared.


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Re:Some graphical problems
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2010, 09:29:34 PM »
Thanks for the bug report (again) ;)

About the row heights: The (J)table component really does not handle different row heights very well, or just has problems determining the size of these. I have to tell it the size of each row whenever something changed. I did this for some, but obviously not for all tables. I'll fix it.

About the phantom entries when removing the last entry: I'm also aware of this problem but haven't found the "magic word" to make the table update it's GUI if there are no entries present. I'll take a look at it. Maybe I have overlooked something.

About adding zones/settings in the first place: This is a feature, not a bug ;) . Go to Edit>Preferences and take a look at the "Flip zone placement view". If this is checked, the zones will be listed from bottom to top, just like the MyDefrag diskmap with the (default) setting DiskmapFlip(yes). New zones/settings will then be added at the top.
If the setting is unchecked, you'll add new zones/settings at the bottom, as you would expect. Take a look at the "Zone" column. Zone 1 should always be the first zone in the exported script. Zone 2 should follow after. Settings have no zone numbers but should be in the right order nevertheless.
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